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Press and News
A page dedicated to various magazine and news articles about Bryan's tiles.
Luxe Magazine
Bryan Kerrigan was Editorialized in Luxe Magazine.
1000 New Designs 2
Bryan's Positive and Negative Tile is editorialized in 1000 New Designs 2 Book, New Designs 2 and where to find them.
Hotels The Magazine
Featured Bryan's Tiles.
Florida Design Magazine
Featured The Oval Tile installed on a pateo in Aruba, in a high gloss red.
CS Interiors Magazine
Featured Bryan's Oval Fireplace in a Chicago residence.
Transmaterial 2 Magazine
Kerrigan Architectural Tile is editorialized in Transmaterial 2, a catalog of materials that redefine our physical enviroment, by Blain Brownwell.
Interior Design Magazine
Bryan's Oval Form Tiles and Positive & Negative Tiles were featured in a full page editorial in Interior Design Magazine.
Ready Made Magazine
The August/September issue of Ready Made Magazine featured Bryan's Wood Grain Tile.
Florida Design Magazine
Once again, Florida Design's editorial featured Bryan's Oval Form tile.
Florida Design Magazine
Bryan's Oval Form installation at the Shapiro Residence in Miami, FL is editorialized in Florida Design, the Shapiro Residence is designed by Juan Poggi of Poggi Design, Coral Gables, FL.
Material Connexion Certificate
Bryan's Ceramic Architectural Tile is awarded Certificate of Material Excellence from Material Connexion.
Interior Design Magazine
Bryan's Oval tile is featured in Interior Design - Market tabloid, Spring flight, May 31, 2007 issue.
Interior Design Magazine
Bryan's Large Weave ceramic tile is featured in issue #13 of Interior Design Magazine, Page 202.
Chicago Home Editorial
Bryan's Oval tiles are featured in Fall 2006 Edatorial issue.
Chicago Tribune Home Design Magazine
Bryan's Oval tile earns its place in the Chicago Tribune Home Design Magazine, March 2007 issue.
Masters of Design Magazine
Bryan's ceramic tile is featured in October 2006 issue of Masters of Design Magazine.
The Journal of Light Construction
Bryan's Ceramic Architectural was featured in the April 2007 issue of The Journal of Light Construction.
New Works Exhibition
The exhibit "New Works" marked its debut on Friday, May 2nd, 2003 with a lively artist's reception.