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Tile and Artist Info
Tile Information:
All tile as well as glazes are designed and manufactured by Bryan Kerrigan, using a high fired stoneware clay body, which is excellent for interior and exterior application in all climates.

Forms that are offered at that time are normally in stock in bisk stage (once fired and ready for glaze).

Glaze is offered in a high gloss or in a matte surface. The colorants that are used are developed by Mason Color Works, their colors can be viewed on line at masoncolor.com - view their ceramic stain page to view their colors. Kerrigan glazes work very well with these stains, with a couple of exceptions.

Depending on the size of the order, one can expect to see delivery in 4 to 8 weeks, sometimes sooner. This can vary due to verification of custom coloring and supply and demand.

Tile can be installed by using any normal tile adhesive, such as thin set or industrial glues. We recommend using a product named - Custom Building Products, VersaBond Fortified Thin Set Mortar. Professional installation is suggested. We also offer installation of all our products, please call or email for more info on installation.

-The School of Art Institute of Chicago
-Pendland School of Craft
-Taught at The School of Art Institute of Chicago
Architectural Installations and Commissions:
-Macys Flagship store, New York, NY
-Macys Flagship store, Chicago, IL
-Macys Flagship store, San Francisco, CA
-Asada Grille, Scottsdale, AZ
-Penley Residence, Chicago, IL
-Trump Place Building, Cleo Spa, New York, NV (2 installations)
-Butch McGuires, Chicago, IL
-Playboy Club, The Palms Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
-The W Hotel, Las Vegas NV
-Ghost Bar, The W Hotel, Dallas, TX
-Graze Restaurant, Downtown, Chicago, IL
-Shapiro Residence, Miami, FL
-Wicker Park Residence, Chicago, IL
-Effen Vodka Headquarters Showroom, Chicago, IL
-Liars Nightclub, Chicago IL
-Fly Bird, Oak Park, IL
-Morlen Sinoway Atelier - lobby & vestibule, Chicago, IL
-The Firm Management Company, Los Angeles, CA
-Debonair Social Club, Exterior facade of the Flat Iron Building, Chicago, IL
-Kayne & Kaufman Residence, Chicago, IL
-Gastovich Residence, Chicago, IL
-Zawitz Residence, Chicago, IL
-Kollar Residence, Chicago, IL
-Greg Kerrigan, Three Oaks, MI
-Anonymous Residence, Chicago, IL
-Alberta House, Portland, OR
-Anonymous Residence, Miami, Fl
-Johnny McGuire's Deli, Las Vegas, NV
-Residence in Brazil, South America
Artist's Statement:
I think of my work as a collective creation. Starting in the early nineties, my ceramic work comprised of pottery and sculpture, which were somewhat organic in form.

As I progressed onto the production of architectural tile, I was increasingly challenged while designing and hand sculpting my tiles. I was always surprised how the subtlest alterations of plane and edge affected the dimension of the forms.

I like the idea that there is no right or wrong in the making of art. This freedom for me has a big artistic push. With ideas of new forms, for tiles and sculptures, I had the desire to experiment with new materials. With their uplifting color, soothing shapes, and high touch-ability (being ceramic), I believe my forms would provide a stimulating environment for people of all ages.

After years of researching ceramic and rubber, and painstakingly exerting their basic capacities, I feel I have only just begun to realize their potential as a medium. It is this excitement I'd like viewers to feel when looking at my art.